The industries that attract expats in Qatar include construction, education, energy, finance, media, recruitment, and tourism and hospitality.

Qatari labour law gives preference to Qatari nationals, so non-Qatari nationals may only be employed if an employer applies to the Ministry of Labour proving no Qatari national can perform the position in question.

Resume or CV in Qatar?

In Qatar you should typically use a CV when applying for jobs. In brief, the difference between a resume and a CV is:

Resume- brief overview of work and educational experience. Prominent in the US when applying for employment. Typically one page.

CV (curriculum vitae) - more in depth look at work and educational experience. Prominent in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Typically two or more pages.

If you are still confused about formats, see our article on "CV versus Résumé?".

Layout of a CV for Qatar

UK and European CV formats are acceptable in Qatar. The CV should contain:

Contact Information: Relevant personal contact information at the top of the page including: name, phone number, fax number, address, and email address.

Professional Experience: Usually this information is listed chronologically, with your most recent experience first. List your work experience with: your title, the name of the company you worked for, the dates of your employment, and a brief description of your achievements in that job

Education: Should include information from higher education, such as any college experience. Note specialties and degrees. This section should come before work experience if you are in school or have been out of school for one to three years, depending on your level of work experience and how relevant your education is to your career. List your most recent educational experience first.

Certificates & Diplomas: Courses, seminars, congresses or conferences that are relevant in relation to the position. Note if you received any special honors.

Languages: This is extremely relevant to an international job. List which languages you speak and your level: advanced, intermediate or beginner. If you aren't sure how to accurately describe your language level, see the EU's language levels self-assessment guide. Point out if you can translate, speak, or write in each language and list any associated degrees. If you are submitting your resume in English and it is not your first language, be sure to have a native speaker read it first. Punctuation and grammar are extremely important.

Computer Skills: Indicate your proficiency in programs, applications, word processing, database, Internet experience, etc.

Interests: You may include personal interests such as hobbies, sports, activities. Be sure to make these relevant to the position.

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